Secure Meteor

Learn the ins and outs of Meteor application security from a Meteor security professional.

I'm Pete Corey, and for the last three years I’ve been writing and speaking about Meteor security, developing and deploying secure Meteor applications, working with amazing teams to better secure their applications, and building security-focused packages and tools for the Meteor ecosystem.

Secure Meteor is a an effort to capture and distill everything I’ve learned about Meteor security from my years of real-world Meteor security experience.

What's in the book?

Secure Meteor puts you in the shoes of both a Meteor developer building out an e-commerce application with our favorite framework, and a malicious user trying to find and exploit vulnerabilities in that application for fun and profit.

Securing your application is more than following a prescriptive list of dos and don’ts. Being able to build secure Meteor applications requires a mindset that deeply and intuitively understands potential attacks before they happen. My ultimate goal with this guide is to help you see your application through this mindset.

As you can see from its table of contents below, Secure Meteor attempts to cover the entire attack surface of your Meteor application, from the front-end to the back. Read through the provided sample chapters for a taste of what's inside!

Ready to get your copy?

Secure Meteor is a one hundred nine page PDF filled to the brim with the entirety of my knowledge on securing Meteor applications. I want to give you everything I know about securing Meteor applications for the cost of a large pizza!

I deeply believe that Secure Meteor, and the mindset that it helps foster, will be an invaluable asset on your Meteor journey. I couldn't be more excited to get this valuable resource into your hands.

Have More Questions?

Pulling the trigger on a purchase is always a difficult step to take. If you're still on the fence about purchasing Secure Meteor, I highly recommend reading the Why Security? sample chapter and skimming through these frequently asked questions:

Is Secure Meteor affiliated with the Meteor framework or MDG? No. Secure Meteor is an entirely independent project.

Is Secure Meteor a physical book? No. Secure Meteor is being sold exclusively as a PDF document.

What if I don't find Secure Meteor valuable? If you regret your purchase of Secure Meteor for any reason, I'll happily issue a full refund.